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Start making passive gains on your crypto today with algorithmic trading.


Get started with one click or customize templates to your trading style.

Profitable Strategies

Optimized strategies for all market scenario's.

Ready-to-go templates

Get started with one click or customize templates to your trading style.


Strategies and templates are continuously monitored and updated to market conditions.

API compatibility

Compatible with all big exchanges.




Get Started (3 steps)

Step 1

Create an Account at Cryptohopper 

Gainscrypt develops strategies exclusively on Cryptohopper. Cryptohopper is a world-class automated trading platform with over 75.000 users and counting. It gives access to powerful automated trading tools and allows tracking your trades with ease. 


Step 2

Connect your Cryptohopper with your exchanges using API. This allows your hopper to trade on your behalf. Pretty convenient as you'll be able to view all your positions across multiple exchanges in one place!

Don't have an exchange yet? 

Our favorite exchanges are Binance and KuCoin as they have high liquidity, connectivity and the lowest trading fees. This is important, as your bots will make many transactions and small fees do stack up. 


> Get an exchange with discount

> API connect your exchange to Cryptohopper


Connect Your Exchanges

Step 3

Define your style with Gainscrypt Strategies and Signals

We make trading easy for you. All you do is choose a trading style and exploit the market with professional strategies that best fit you. Agressive, conservative or balanced? Long-term or short-term? Coins with lots of price action, or solid fundamentals? Choose to run a simple strategy, run an A.I. or set up a detailed customized template with config pools.

You decide. Gainscrypt signals.


Are you an advanced trader? Check out our market dashboard to stay ahead of markets and deploy the right strategy at the right time for maximum profits. 


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Cryptohopper stats Wave Gainer
Cryptohopper stats Wave Gainer

Step 4

Monitor your performance on your PC or mobile device

Cryptohopper stats Wave Gainer

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Automate Your Trading

Optimized strategies for each market scenario.
Suited to your trading style and experience.