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Aug 27, 2022

Win 100$ by writing a review!

Dear all! 

You're part of the first 100 members of this community. Thanks for your input, suggestions, feedback, reviews and love! To celebrate our baby-steps as community we've added a 🎉-giveaways channel to celebrate our achievements together! Make sure to enter and get a good chance on gaining a nice bonus this weekend! You ALL deserve it! ❤️ 

We're a tiny but fast growing community on Cryptohopper. Our aim is to deliver the best strategies, templates and signals on Cryptohopper but more importantly, document and educate as much as we possibly can for you to get the most out of crypto auto-trading. Transparent, realistic, honest and PROFITABLE. Last 2 days we've surpassed: 

- 100 followers on twitter 💯 

- 100 community members 💯 

- 100k scalper signals by our Premium Signals. 

💯 100 is the number. Let's celebrate our first community-baby-steps with 100$ worth of BITCOIN giveaway!!! Well the community is still small, so your win chances HIGH! Well, what are you waiting for!? 🎁

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