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Strategy Update

Aug 23, 2022

Wave Gainer 4.2 is here!

It has two versions: 

-Wave Gainer 4.2 CORE 

-Wave Gainer 4.2 HERO (hero sub required) 

The aim of this strategy is to adapt faster to small trend reversals in order to make more trades and increase profitability in a ranging market, which is a potential imminent scenario. 

Bull-market performance is very comparable to 3.0, however 4.2 gives slightly more frequent signals. Ranging market performance is improved as local bottoms can be found more easily. Overall Wave Gainer 4.2 is slightly more offensive. There is one draw-down; if left unattended this strategy will give more false signals in a full-on bear market. But don't worry - in that case we'll revert the strategy to the previous version and notify the community. Optimized for DCA, but may also be used with stop-loss. To better demonstrate, check out latest 4.2 PDF version at 


- Sell signal slightly more strict 

- More signals around imminent reversal. 

- More adaptable to local bottoms. 

Hero version: 

- Includes weak trend filter indicators 

- Measures volatility better 

NOTE: If you already own the Wave Gainer Core strategy, you can upgrade to the Hero version for only 0.99$. Just send a screenshot proving this and we'll drop the price for you. 

Happy Gaining!

Strategy Update
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